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With 4×5 in New York – The red beast on tour!

5. May 2015

*Above are Instgram shots (just sayin…)

Just came back from my trip to New York City. It was my second time in the city which never sleeps and I have to say it’s always a challenge to get some “new” perspectives. I just don’t want to be the thousandth photographer which comes back with the same kind of images like literally everybody else has.

If you have ever been to New York then you will know you have to walk everywhere to explore it. Of course you can buy a 7 days pass for 30 bucks (which are btw is a good investment) but taken the Metro still sucks because of its network. I learned that when the metro system was built, there were a lot of private companies involved and that’s why nothing really works together. If you want to go up or downtown no problem, but east to west and the other way round – nope, you’ve gotta walk! Continue Reading…

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Red Leather, Rangefinder and some Chrome – Polaroid 110A/B 4×5 Conversion

13. March 2015

I know another post about film photography, but it’s so exciting! This is my new true love camera… A  custom-made piece which I got earlier this year and at the first view I can say Wohoooo…. but let’s start from the beginning.

At the end of 2013 I started taking pictures or better I should say using a 4×5 large format camera for a fair amount of my landscape and urban shots. Unfortunately I don’t have all the time to develop and scan my negatives – I wish I had! Anyway, my current large format camera (Chamonix 45N2) is made out of wood, aluminium and composite material and is therefore one of the lightest 4×5 cameras money can buy and I am really happy with this piece of chinese craftsman ship. I have to say I was quite impressed when I got mine. Even though it’s small, foldable and light I was always looking for something easierer to use.

Continue Reading…