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Film Photography – A fashion statement?

26. February 2015

Großformat Equipment - Fokussierlupe, Einstelltuch, Planfilmkassetten

Couple of days ago I was listen to an interesting talk on the radio while I was heading to the mountains for my first snowboard ride this winter. Neil Young, Canadian rock musician said “A lot of people who buy vinyl today don’t realize that they’re listening to CD masters on vinyl, and that’s because the record companies have figured out that people want vinyl. And they’re only making CD masters in digital, so all the new products that come out on vinyl are actually CDs on vinyl” Actually that’s not right. A lot of new tracks today are only available for records but anyway this is not the point here.

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Photography, Thougths

How was Toronto? My personal Artist Project Experience

7. March 2014

Artist Project Toronto 2014

Well, thanks for asking It was awesome. Over 15000 Visitor in three days attended the Artist Project in Toronto! At that point thanks very much guys for stopping by. It was fun talking to you about one of the greatest things in the world Photography!

Concerning the size of the event, this was my first one. I’ve had several small venues in the past but none of them was like that. The people I’ve met and especially the contacts I’ve made were exceptional. Thanks for that too… For me the show was more than just try to sell stuff. It was more about presenting yourself and your work to a completely different market I normally used to have. It was fun and I’ve got an overview of the current work of Canadian artists.

I left the show with lots of ideas for upcoming projects. Now it’s time to get back to work for the next year show. That means, you will see me again in 2015…. for sure!